How Long Should Heat Pumps Last in Callahan, FL?

As a homeowner, you want your heating system to serve you for an extended period in Callahan, FL. The average lifespan of heat pumps is about 10 to 15 years, but the following tips may make yours last longer.

Change the Filters Frequently

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate on the heat pump’s filters. This causes clogs that diminish airflow, forcing the system to work harder to maintain the set temperatures. The extra strain on the system may damage some components, reducing its life expectancy.

Changing the filters facilitates sufficient airflow, lengthening your system’s lifespan. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective and simple way of avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Schedule Regular Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling routine tuneups increase your system’s life expectancy. Our skilled service technicians provide excellent maintenance services.

They’ll inspect and fix minor issues before they develop into serious concerns that prompt premature system replacement. They’ll also clean your system to ensure sufficient airflow, reducing the strain on your unit.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature setting to meet your daily needs. It connects to your cell phone and learns your pattern of departures and arrivals. That way, your home is cozy when you arrive and not while you’re at work.

This reduces the time the heat pump compressor switches on and off. Consequently, there’s less wear and tear on the system.

Always Call Experts for Repairs

If your heat pump requires repairs, contract qualified and licensed service technicians to perform them. They have the required skills and experience to handle all system concerns. Hiring unqualified personnel or attempting DIY repairs can lead to serious damages that shorten the system’s lifespan.

Also, call for help immediately if you notice any issues with the system. This way, professionals can address the issue on time before it escalates into a major concern that leads to system damage.

We’re your go-to company if you’re looking for quality heating solutions. Our expert team has the professional training and experience to offer incredible services that guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact YMG Air Service Heating & Cooling for heat pump repair and maintenance services in Callahan, FL, and the surrounding cities.

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