4 Sounds and Smells That Require Professional AC Repairs

When you live in Oceanway, FL, you turn on your air conditioner much earlier than other homeowners around the country. Depending on your cooling habits, your AC system might not even get a break during the winter. To maximize air conditioning efficiency and protect your system from damage, you must heed the signs of trouble. Sounds and smells are some of the most obvious. Here are four sounds and smells that require professional AC repairs:

Banging Air Conditioner

If you hear your AC system making banging noises, it usually indicates a problem with the compressor, which is the unit that sits outside. Parts inside the AC compressor have likely loosened or unfastened. Since disassembling and accessing the AC compressor isn’t easy, it’s best to contact a professional to complete this air conditioner repair.

Screeching Air Conditioner

Screeching is one of the most common noises a malfunctioning air conditioner makes because it can mean many things. For instance, screeching can indicate a failing fan motor. You might have damaged bearings in the fan motor or the belts have slipped. If your AC system is screeching, turn it off and contact an AC repair service technician.

Buzzing Air Conditioner

A buzzing noise can signal several problems with your air conditioner. In the most severe case, it indicates a refrigerant leak. Handling refrigerant without proper training is a health hazard every homeowner should avoid. If you suspect your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, schedule prompt AC repairs in Oceanway, FL.

Musty Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is emitting a musty odor, water has likely accumulated somewhere in the system to the point of facilitating microbial growth. A dirty filter can also cause this foul smell. Ensure your AC system has a clean filter. If that doesn’t eliminate the musty odor, have a professional take a closer look at your AC system.

If you hear or smell strange things because your air conditioner isn’t operating as it should, don’t wait to schedule AC repairs. Contact YMG Air Service Heating & Cooling immediately to ensure your AC system runs efficiently.

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